Merli Sarnoski Park, Carbondale, PA

Merli Sarnoski Park, Carbondale

Directions: Route 106 north from Carbondale onto Sandy Banks rd.

Trail Information: 17 miles of trails, all single track, technical from parking lot follow paved road towards lake, trail starts behind maintenance shed on your left, orange main loop is app. 7 miles side trails vary. If you go right onto a side trail when you come to orange trail again go right to continue around.

Miscellaneous Information: Trails were made by mountain bikers but they are not a problem. Park holds snow very well for snowshoeing. Do obey the park hours posted on the entrance gate or you will be locked in. Enjoy!

Pete  Katapski

Additional Information:

Directions: Head out of Carbondale taking Rt.106 towards Finch Hill. You will see a Golf course (HOMESTEAD GOLF) on your right.  Take a left hand turn directly across from Golf course follow signs for Merli Sarnoski Park.

Trail Information: At parking lot there is a sign facing east that will lead you to one entrance to the trail. Follow trail and look for blue or red markers.
Single track and great running. A little disappointing on the trail facing the right side of lake due to tree cutting.
Aprox 1 year ago local county politicians were feeding their friend and offered this land to be de-forested at a cheap price. have to be careful you don't get lost because of lost markers.
Have fun!