Train Bridge Loop, Klamath Falls

Directions: Starting at the end of main street, by Favell Museum, a trail runs along the edge of Lake Ewauna.  

Trail Information: This trail goes out, along the lake, but after about a half a mile, it tries to loop back.  If you continue to run south, now on a much less maintained trail, you will soon get to the train tracks.   Now you just follow the tracks until they cross the great trestle.  Once across, you may choose to either continue to run on the tracks, or run on the dirt roads next to them.  You will soon come out onto Spring Street, and from there you can run through downtown back to your vehicle. This is a great loop around the lake, and you are guaranteed to encounter an Eagle, Pelican, Goose, or ducks.  I've seen all of them almost every time I've done it.