Stroud's Run, Athens

Directions:  The trails can be reached from route 50 East of Athens, or route 33 if coming from the north.  Exit off of 550 from 33, and look for signs on 50 around two or three miles east of Athens. There is also a small park located a few miles east of Athens off of 50 that also leads to a few of Stroud's Runs numerous trails. Once you find the exits off of 50 and 33 there are signs leading to the park.

Trail Information: Stroud's run is a state park so there are many varying trails.  The best place to begin your first run is the beach area of the park, and then explore the area from there.  Trail lengths vary from 2 miles up to 10 to 12 miles, and the terrain varies from smooth to difficult for someone to hike through.   The trails also include many 1/4 to 1/2 mile hills that vary in there range of steepness.

Miscellaneous Information:  There is also a nice lake to take a dip in after a long run.

Shane Ricker