Bob Evan's Farm, Rio Grande

Directions:  Route 35 is the easiest way to get to Rio Grande from all directions.  Once you get off of 35 make a left turn. A 1/4 mile from the exit there is a stop sign.  Make a left here onto route 325.  A mile down 325 is the original Bob Evans restaraunt.  On the right across 325 from the restraunt is a small gravel road.  Take this road until it dead ends into a shelter house and picnic area.  This is where the main trail begins.

Trail Information: Bob Evan's trails are made for horse rides, but are very nice to run on.  You can run any distance from 1 mile to 30 miles in these trails and the terrain is moderate.  The Cross Country team at the University of Rio Grande use these trails for training runs two to three times a week and find them very hospitable for any type of pace.

Miscelleous Information:  To find out more information about specific trails and distances contact Bob Evans Farms. Every October Bob Evans holds a festival on the farm, that is visited by over 100,000 people. Every Fall there is also a Mountain Bike race held on the trails.

Shane Ricker