Adx: Corey's Road (Tupper Lake) to Garden Trailhead (Keene Valley) over Marcy, Tupper Lake

Directions:    From the terminus of Corey's at the Seward Range Parking, travel to Duck Hole Pond, then passing several ponds and Henderson Lake, go nearly to the  Upper Works Trailhead (bail possible).  Proceed up Calamity Brook to the Flowed Lands, over the Colden Dam, and up the Opalescent Ck and Feldspar Bk trails, continuing to the Marcy Summit (!). From there, follow the Phelps trail all the way off the mtn to the Garden Lot.

Trail Information:   = Very Rugged Adirondack terrain.   Wet in many places.  Some very fine flat (by Adx standards) single track, particularly for the first 10 miles, and again for the final 3.5.  The sections after Duck Hole are both wet and rugged with very sharp stones.  The ascent of Marcy, and subsequent descent to Johns Bk Lodge are nearly as rugged as Adx terrain gets. Total distance is 36 mi.

Miscellaneous Information:  Spectacular Route!  Know these mountains well though before doing this route.  A mis-turn will take you WAY off route. Bring maps, and eat lots of Wheaties!

Neil Kamman