Taconic Hereford Multiple Use Area, Millbrook

Directions:  Take taconic parkway north from i-84, get off at Tyrell Rd, exit to the right. Follow Tyrell Rd 0.75 miles to NYSDEC trailhead marker and parking lot.  Another lot exists just south off Tyrell Road, NYSDEC sign on taconic parkway, must exit sharply right from parkway.
From the south, take Tyrell Rd. exit, turning left and crossing over north bound lane.   Tyrell Rd is North of the Hopewell Jct Rt 82 exit and south of the Millbrook/Poughkeepsie Rt 44 exit.

Trail Information:    From parking lot, follow truck trail straight to end, turning left, follow to next parking area. Follow small hiking trail from second lot to end, turn left and you are back at original parking lot.  3 miles.   Explore many other trails that crisscross this loop.  A five mile run is made by turning left onto hiking path after leaving first lot on truck trail, following around up and over mountain until it becomes the truck trail, stay straight until you reach second parking lot, follow hiking trail as in above to original lot. very challenging five miler. lots of mountain bikers, hunting in season.  very challenging hills and lots of ups and downs on hiking trails, truck trail is rolling and packed in cinder.   Maintained by NYSDEC, a map may exist through them directly. sporadic red trail markers exist.  pretty hard to get lost if you stay on a well beaten path and persevere.

Sabrina Polcek