Oakley Corners State Forest, Endicott and Owego

Directions:  From Endicott,travel north on SR 26 to SR 38b. Make a left onto 38b and go approximately 3miles and turn left onto Dutchtown Rd. Go another 2.5 miles to the intersection of Dutchtown, Wade Hollow and Hullsville Rd.
     From Owego, travel north on SR 38 approximately 3-4 miles to Wade Hollow Road and turn Right here. Follow Wade Hollow to the intersection above.
     The area is marked with a large "Oakley Corner's State Forest" sign.

Trail Information: The North Side (yellow-marked trails) are much easier to run, providing some water views and relatively flat terrain under a silent canopy of deciduous and conifer trees. The trails are all single-track and intersect with one another providing runs from 3-5 miles in one loop. If you get lost, just follow the trail markers in ascending or descending order.
     The South Side (blue-marked trails) are a little more challenging with steep uphills and downhills and plenty of roots, rocks and stumps to keep you honest. Again, these are single-track intersecting trails, with the perimeter run being about 6.5miles. A service road runs deep into the forest so you can drive further in and start at a more remote location.

Miscellaneous Information:  --Be careful in the spring and after heavy rains as the terrain changes dramatically.
--In the fall, watch out for early morning deer hunters (brown running outfits with white patches and antlers are not highly recommended)
--These trails are shared with deer, squirrels and mountain bikers, so be prepared to yield!
--A large wooden trail map is provided at the parking area under the sign, as well as hand-held maps in the wooden compartment. Don't forget to sign the registration book either.
Enjoy your run and try to leave the place cleaner than you found it.

John Zevan