Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail, Cold Springs Harbor

Directions:   Route 25A to Cold Springs Harbor (close to the Nassau-Suffolk county line) on the north shore of Long Island. The trail starts at Cold Springs Harbor State Park, across the street from the boat ramp. There's plenty of parking.

Trail Information:  This trail runs from Cold Springs Harbor on the north shore of Long Island to Massapequa on the south shore. The first mile out of Cold Springs Harbor mile is quite hilly (by Long Island standards). After about a mile, you cross Lawrence Hill Road and the hills become more gentle. After about another mile, you cross Route 108 -- continue another half mile or so to what I believe is Stillwell Road. After crossing Stillwell Road, you enter Stillwell Woods which is mountain bike territory -- the trail gets tricky to follow through Stillwell Woods (I'll figure that part out eventually).

This portion of the Greenbelt trail is narrow, well maintaned, and offers plenty of obstacles for a challenging trail run.

Miscellaneous Information:  The trail is marked, but it's easy to get lost at intersections with other trails. Pay close attention to turn directions marked on trees. Dogs allowed (at least on the portions I describe).

John Gerbino