Bonds Lake Trail System, Lewiston

Directions:   You can easily get to this circuit of trails in Bond's Lake Park by starting at Niagara Wheatfield High school on Saunders Settlement Road.  You then go down Chew Road which takes you to Upper Mountain Road and to Meyers Road.  Meyers Road takes you down to Lower Mountain Road.  On Lower Mountain their is a sledding hill and a red warming hut.  Directly across from the sledding hill and warming hut is where the Park is located .  There will be a gravel parking lot and a sign saying "Bonds Lake".  Once your at the parking lot you can get into the trail system by going through any of the openings on the side of the parking lot away from the lake. These openings are near the blue Porta-John or the place where it's supposed to be, near the big flat rock.

Trail Information: These trail start off as grassy paths in the woods.  They then become narrower and become more composed of dirt, tree roots, rocks, and leaves.  These trails eventually take you through small orchards and higher trails in the woods made by plows.

Miscellaneous Information:  Although this is a relatively small trail system you can still get lost.  These trails were forged originally for cross country skiing.  Each trail winds in to every other one.  The more you run in these trail the more sub-trails you find.  A good thing to keep in mind is that if you get lost remember to find the larger grass trails, they will bring you back to the parking lot.  During late spring and after a heavy rain the trails below the hill become extremely muddy so be careful.

Paul Mueller