Stillwater Wildlife Refuge/Stillwater Mountains, Fallon

Directions: For refuge: Take Hwy 50 to east side of town and turn onto Indian Lakes Road.  Take the right fork at the cemetery and follow that for approximately four miles to cross the cattle guard onto dirt.  Take right fork again and go 3.5 miles to park at Likes Lake (tree lined small lake on right).  Park wherever you'd like.

For Stillwater Mountains:  Take Hwy 50 to east side of town and turn north onto Stillwater Road.  Continue on that road several miles through reservation and past hunt club until road turns to dirt.  Continue following along base of mountains until you find a trail you'd like to try.  Park anywhere.  The Mountain Wells trail is a dirt road suitable for nearly any vehicle and continues on over the mountains to Dixie Valley or to La Plata.  The Bobcat OHV trail is very sandy at the bottom and extremely rocky and steep near the top.  I had trouble getting to the top of that one on a horse!  Very small natural spring where steep climb begins out of sandy canyon.  

Trail Information: Both areas are on public lands and unimproved.   Carry drinking water as many sources are highly alkaline and subject to drying up later in the year.  This is the desert... daytime temps in the summer can reach 100+ and go well below freezing at night in the winter.  Vehicles stay on trails due to fire danger year-round.  Carry cellphone and emergency gear.  No human inhabitants in either location.

Miscellaneous Information: Both areas allow great wildlife viewing.   The refuge is managed by the US Fish and Game office at 1000 Auction Road, Fallon NV 89406.  Mule deer, birds of prey including bald eagles, Pacific flyway for migratory birds, many pelicans, coyotes, very few mountain lion, a few mustangs.   Cattle grazing in both areas.