Santa Fe Area Trail - Hyde Park, St. John's

The following map shows the Ski Basin (Hyde Park) road.  To get there from Plaza Blanca, get back to Rodeo Rd., go east (right) to St. Francis.  (You have to loop around since there's an overpass.)  Go north (left) on St. Francis to the 2nd time you see Paseo de Peralta.  (It's right after Alameda.)  Turn right.  At Washington, you will see a big pink building on your left and the stone federal courthouse on your right.  Turn left.  Turn right on the second street (Artist Road).   That turns into the ski basin road.  Drive about five miles, if memory serves.   In any event, you will go past Hyde Park Estates on your right and Ten Thousand Waves (a great place for a hot tub--get one of the tubs that faces the sunset, though).   You will see a large old gravel pit on your left.  Park on either side of the road. (If you get to Hyde Park, you've gone too far.)  On the right of the parking area on the left side of the road is the trailhead.  Follow that trail until you get to the Big Tesuque.  Turn right.  Run about two miles, and you will see another trail coming in from the right.  Follow that back to the highway.  You will come out right above Hyde Park, about three miles from your car.  If someone is meeting you there, tell them to park at the parking lot just above Hyde Park on the left.

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Also attached is the map to St. John's.  Again get on Rodeo.  This time take it all the way to Old Pecos Trail.  (You're right at the interstate there and Rodeo turns into the Old Las Vegas Highway.  You'll see vendors selling stone and firewood at the intersection.)  Turn left.  Go to Zia (the first stoplight).  Turn right.  Follow Zia to the end (Old Santa Fe Trail).  Turn left.  Drive about a mile and a half to Camino del Monte Sol.  (I believe there's a sign for St. John's there.)  Turn right.  Turn right at the second street (Camino Cruz Blanca).  (The first street takes you to the Carmelite nuns.)  About 3/4 of a mile up is the right to St. John's.  Take it.  Now your choice.  If you want a longer run, take the next right, to St. John's itself.   Take the first left.  There is a sign for Atalaya parking.  The trail is at the far end of the parking lot.  If you want a shorter run, go by St. John's.  Keep going straight toward the mountain when Camino Cruz Blanca bears left (and becomes Camino Cabra).   Follow the road up.  It will turn to the right and on your left is a small parking lot.  There is the trailhead.

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