Ceres Park, Pitman

Directions:: Three entrances:
(1)Main entrance with parking lot off of Main St, just west of Rt. 55
(2)At creek crossing on Lambs Rd, between Main St and Pitman Rd
(3)Jeep trail off of Pitman Rd, just NW of the golf course

Trail Information:: Lots of single track, some old logging roads.   Mtn bikers do a good job of maintaining trails, and even built a bridge(see http://www.mtbreview.com/trails/NewJersey/MantuaPark.html).   Lots of short but steep hills, particularly south of stream.  Maybe ten miles of trails.  My favorite running area around here.

Miscellaneous Information:: Topo map at http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?z=18&n=4399788&e=487050&s=25&size=l.   The park isn't marked on the map (too new?), but it's bounded by Main St to north, Lambs Rd to east, Pitman Rd and Pitman Country Club to south, and Richwood (and houses) to west.  Apparently used to be called Mantua Park.

Mike Maxwell