Umstead Park,  Raleigh

Directions:  Two entrances (north and south). South entrance is on North Harrison Avenue off I-40. North Entrance is off Hwy 70, 1/2 mile east of I-540 interchange. Easy access from anywhere in the Research Triangle Area.

Trail Information: Variety of trails and distances with varying conditions. Some rocky/rooty others relatively smooth. A good selection of uphill/downhill as well as flat. Nicely maintained.

Miscellaneous Information: website of maps:
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Eddie suggs.

If you are ever in Raleigh, NC you should run in Umsted Park located off of Highway 40 heading west out of Raleigh about 11 miles. It has hours of trail running. Heavily treed. The trails are hard packed with some rocks and roots, but varied in that respect. There are also lots of "fire roads" which wind throughout the park.

Jeff Hambleton

Trail Information  20+ Miles of trails ranging from firebreak roads, bridle trails, and moderate to easy single-track trails.  Firebreak trails are gravel--the bridle trails are dirt and can get somewhat muddy if we experience a lot of rain.  The single track trails can be rocky, rooty, or nice and smooth.  All trails are fairly hilly.

Miscellaneous Information: Deer, various wildlife, some snakes (I've never heard of any snake bites), never heard of any violent incidents, very scenic, not very crowded although word is getting out

Kerry Swearingen

Directions: 8801 Gleenwood Ave.

Trail Information:  There are so many trails to choose from, there are hiking trails, bridle trails, and mountain bike trails. With a beautiful landscape; rivers, mineral rocks, you will see lots of deer, sometimes hilly, or rocky

Miscellaneous Information::   The most beautiful and peaceful place where I have had the pleasure of running, fall is specially beautiful, you will see a very colorful landscape and as the leaves are falling you will not feel all the pounding on a long and hard run because the floor is covered with them.

Karen L. Altamirano.