Patsy Pond Trail, Cape Carteret

Directions:  Get on Hwy 24 heading east from Jacksonville, NC or West from Morehead city NC. If you are coming from Morehead city you will pass the Bouge marine corps auxiliary landing field. It will be on the left. About 3 miles down you will see a sign for the North Carolina coastal federation building on the left side directly across the street from that you will see the trail. If you are coming from Jacksonville you will go through Cape Carteret on 24 when you pass the holiday trailer park You will see the coastal federation sign on your right and the trail directly across the street on the left.

Trail Information:  The trail is a well cleared and clearly marked trail that has three lakes along it. It has a 1 3/4 mile loop that is marked off and a 3/4 mile loop that connects to allow a change of courses. To get the miles you need there are also countless well cleared trails all over the trail but these are not marked off in miles for you so you have to estimate the distance. The running path is soft dirt and pine needles.

Miscellaneous Information: This is also a great place to bring non runners who like the outdoors but not running. They can walk around the trail while you run. There is a lot to look at.

jeff chapman