Sypes Canyon to Middle Cottonwood, Bozeman

Directions: Take Springhill Road to Sypes Canyon Road. Turn Right on Sypes. Sypes is a deadend with the trailhead on the right.

Trail Information:
It's all uphill from here! Follow Sypes trail until you hit a marked intersection (intersects with Bridger foothills trail) Hang left and follow Middle Cottonwood trail.The terrain mellows from this point on. Eventually you'll end up in the M.Cottonwood parking lot. Follow this road until it veers to the left. Turn left and cut about 2 miles across the private dirt road. This will lead you back to your car. This is a stunning 12 mile loop filled with meadows of wildflowers and views of the Gallatin Valley. A great ( and grueling) variation is to go straight at the trail intersection and follow the trail up to the ridge.

Miscellaneous Information: A classic trail in the Bozeman area. Not too many bikers. Plenty of water for the dogs.