Washington State Park, DeSoto

Directions: On Highway 21 just south of DeSoto.

Trail Information: Rockywood Trail (10 mile loop); Opossum Trail (3 mile loop); and 1,000 Steps Trail (1.5 mile loop).  Very rugged in places and very overgrown in parts so It's hard to see your footing.  1,000 Steps trail was so overgrown that I had to turn back.  On the plus side, very few people (like no one) and "roller-coaster-hill running" in the woods, which are a part of the foothills of the Ozarks.

Miscellaneous Information: Big River runs through the park and is a good place to cool down after a run.  Also, there is a bed and breakfast and restaurant (The Arlington) in DeSoto, which is on the Union Pacific main line (if you enjoy trains).

Bob Young