Blue Springs Lake Trail, Independence

Directions: I-70 to Missouri Hiway 292 South to US 40. East to Blue Springs lake exit (just turn right (south) from I-40), then turn right again and go to Blue Spring Lake dam outlet and park just east of the dam outlet (there is a parking lot there).  Access trail head there.  Just explore all the trails and have fun.  You see the lake most of the time from the trails.

Trail Information: Has natural mulch, trail bikers use it (and maintain it) but there is never anyone there!!!  Glorious views, trees. Keep dogs on leash, but.... There are hills and rock outcroppings.  The trail takes about 2 hours at a slow pace.  Most trails are unmarked so some trail marking should be done.  But the lake is always nearby for orientation.

Meg Polz-Mears