Sun Fish Lake Park, Lake Elmo

Directions: Take Hwy 5 towards Lake Elmo which comes off I-694.  On the left, you will see Old Stillwater Road, take a left here than go about 50 yards, you will see a double gravel road on the left. This goes to the City Park. If you get to Lake Elmo without seeing Old Stillwater Road, you have gone about one mile too far.

Trail Information: About 25 miles of unpaved very hilly trails.   Lots of wild turkeys and deer and several small lakes to run around. Very scenic. You can put several  smaller trails together to get a good 8 or nine mile run in without overlapping trails. 

Miscellaneous Information: A known place for skiers in the winter and in early spring for horseback riders. In summer, it is very quiet and isolated perhaps because of the bugs. Many days when I run out here I don't see a single person. 

John Persico Jr.