Sand Dunes State Forest, Zimmerman

Directions:  Located approximately 5 miles west of Hwy 169 on County Road 4 between Zimmerman and Orrock.  Parking lot is located on County Road 4 just west of County Road 15. There is also parking at the beach at the end of the day-use road.  Parking is free. No state parking permit is required. Zimmerman is located 9 miles north of Elk River on Hwy 169.

Trail Information:   Running & hiking trails are marked well for difficulty (green, blue & black). Start your run by heading south, the trails become more hilly as you head south into the park. You can run a couple of miles on up by combining loops, gravel roads and by exploring the unmarked deer trails. They do allow horses in park but those trails are seperate from the hiking trails. Trails wind through evergreens and hardwoods and are well shaded.  There is water located at the campground on the south end.
The trails are grass and sand which makes it a good workout with the hills. There is a map at the parking area too. Outdoor toilets are located at the parking lot, beach and campground.  The deer flies can get nasty at times so bring your bug spray.

Miscellaneous Information:  There is the Refuge Bar & Grill located just a few miles west of the parking lot in the small town of Orrock and also RJ's Sports Bar on Main Street in Zimmerman.

 Marv Solberg