Warrior Trails, Remus - Barryton


Directions: The trail is located on Highway M-66 approximately 5 miles north of Remus and about 6 miles south of Barryton.  The trails are on the east side of the road.  There is a pull off parking area available.

Trail Information: This system of trails is used and owned by the Chippewa Hills School District.  Cross Country races are held at this location.  It is a convenient site for long or short runs.  With several trails available it is possible to run several different types of runs.  There are challenging hills and flat rolling surfaces.  There are some trails in the open fields but most wind through a mature forest.  These wooded trails are especially scenic in the fall with many maple, beech and poplar tress in bright colors.  The trails sprawl across 120 acres and are maintained whenever there is no snow.  There is a map of the trails posted on the side of the course.
Great place for beautiful, peaceful run... or a very challenging hill workout.

Bob O'Neil