Vasa Trail, Traverse City

Directions:  South from Traverse City take U.S. 31 north to Bunker Hill Road, go for about 1.5 miles until you see sign for "Vasa Trail". Coming from East, take M-72 west to light in Acme. Turn left at light and go approximately 2-3 miles until you see Bunker Hill road. Turn Left on Bunker hill and proceed to trail.

Trail Information: A challenging dirt trail, home of the Vasa cross country ski race in the winter. There are three different loops you can run. One 5K loop, an 11K and a 25K. All are hilly and challenging. Trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Miscellaneous Information:  This trail is gorgeous!! I use it for some of my hill work outs during the summer. It winds through some of the most beautiful woodlands northern Michigan has to offer. It is used for a variety of different activities including Mountain Biking and skiing in the winter. It's not uncommon so see some of the native wildlife while on a run. There is no water along the course however, so it is wise to bring some along especially if it's a hot summer day. This is most important if you choose to run the 25K loop. It is hilly, and you will get thirsty. If you are in the area though, and are looking for a challenging and very scenic run through the northern Michigan woods, this is the run for you.

Cam McCord