Grand Mere State Park, Stevensville

Directions: I-94 to Exit 22 (John Beers Rd). Go West off the exit. Blacktop road will turn to dirt road. Look for parking at North (Grand Mere) Lake off to the right. Run down the main road (continuing west) for about 1/2 mile. Trailhead is on your left at the end of the dirt road.

Trail Information: Many miles of flat trails, hilly to very-hilly trails. Dunes, bowls, beaches. Very scenic. Mid-june to late August - deer flies are HORRIBLE and can make this un-runnable. Quite awesome outside those timeframes.

Miscellaneous Information: You can also park at the main entrance along Thorton Road - it's about $3 to park there, free at North Lake. No bikes or horses allowed. Hunting is allowed in fall months.

Paul Settles