Kenduskeag Stream Trail, Bangor

Directions: Kenduskeag Stream Trail, which follows the stream from downtown Bangor to the outer city limits, offers walkers and bikers a surprisingly tranquil outlet despite bisecting the city and winding through the city's business district and passing under Interstate 95.

The 2 -mile trail can be appreciated most by walking it. It begins downtown at the Franklin Street bridge on the west bank of the stream.

Trail Information: From there, the trail goes through a lightly wooded area through moderately hill terrain before crossing the stream after about mile on a wood and steel footbridge. Upon reaching the east bank of the stream, the trail goes about 1/4 of a mile before emerging from the trees and cutting across the Harlow Street bridge.

At the end of the Harlow Street bridge, the trail joins Fourteenth Street Extension and continues along the west bank of the stream through Kenduskeag Stream Park. At the junction of Fourteenth Street Extension and Valley Avenue, the trail then follows Valley Avenue. Lovers Leap, a 150-foot cliff on the east bank where legend has it that an American Indian couple forbidden to be together leapt to their deaths, rises sharply from the shallow depths of the Kenduskeag. A lookout extends about 15 feet over the stream.

Miscellaneous Information: You can continue through the high grass, closer by the stream.  But you do cross over people's lawns, and through some streams.  From there, it's an adventure.

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Keri Magoon