Ma & Pa Heritage Trail, Bel Air

Directions:  Take the Bel Air Rt 1 north bypass around Bel Air and exit onto 924 heading back into Bel Air.  Follow approx 1 mile towards Bel Air and after you go thru 1 red light and the intersection of Moores Mill and Vale roads, you will take the 4th right hand turn at the car wash.  There is a big DNR sign there pointing to the Ma & Pa Trail.  Parking is one block straight ahead.

Trail Information:  Phase I of the  Ma & Pa trail was just opened in late 1999 and is almost 2 miles long.  It is a great 4 mile run (out & back) with some moderate inclines (signs say "Steep lope".  Phase II was just opened during the summer of 2000 and is about 1.75 miles long and begins in Forest Hill Md.  Eventually a link is planned between the two (Phase III) that will make the total trail about 7 miles long.
Phase I gets lots of use from walkers and runners. 

Miscellaneous Information: This Ma & Pa was the name for the original rail road that went between Maryland & Pennsylvania.  Some of the trail travels on the existing rail bed, but most winds thru the Bel Air area in a pleasant setting. There are mile markers, bridges and tunnels to be discovered.  One tunnel goes under Rt 24 and was originally put in place for horse traffic which occasionally can be found on the trail.

Enjoy this new found trail and call Phil at work at 410-277-7391 if you need more information.

Phil Anderson