Lefty Kreh/Gunpowder Falls Fishing Trail, Baltimore

Directions: Take exit 27 from I-83 and head west on Mt. Carmel Road for about .7 mi, then turn right on Masemore Rd for 1.5 miles.  The road will drop to one lane as it passes an old mill, then open up again with a parking area in the Y of two meeting rivers.  Park here.

Trail Information: From the parking lot, you can go up or downstream on either side of the river.  Going upstream, you can go as far as the Prettyboy Reservoir Dam (about 2 miles one way).  Going downstream, you can easily put in 13 miles.  I'm not actually sure how far down you can go on this trail, I've always turned around before I hit the end of the trail.
The trail offers the most variety of any I've found in the area and is one of my favorites.  It goes from smooth and flat into extended climbs and descents, with some areas easy and others across rocky terrain requiring a goat's footing.

Miscellaneous Information: Feel free to contact me if you're interested in a weekend trail run.  I'm always looking for a partner. wiley.heyoka@gmail.com

Cody S