Greenway/ Seneca State Park, Gaithersburg

Directions:   Route 117 (Clopper Road) and Game Preserve Road to entrance to state park . You can also access from several other places such as Game preserve Road and Route 355 or from Riffle Ford Road, Route #28 or Route #118.

Trail Information:   This trail is still being developed, currently you can access from route 355 and get to route #28 maybe for about 8-10 miles one way. However, you can cross route 28 and take old trail along creek bed to the Canal and River. the Ranger told me this makes it about 17 miles one way., the Ranger also said plans were in the works to extend the trail north and east into the Patuxtant park, this would really increase its length. The trail is gentle, few hills, mostly dirt, Bikes are not allowed on most if not all of it. When you go through the Park (Seneca State Park) There are several other trails you can take for variety such as running around the lake. the Park has water, soda machines and restrooms most of the time. You will also see plenty of wildlife including if you are lucky some very active beavers, owls, heron, deer, geese, ducks, etc. Its a nice gentle trail in a rather urban area. (Gaithersburg was recently named second largest city in Maryland)

Miscellaneous Information:  For those wanting a longer run/hike, run to the canal and either add as many flat miles as you like or take one of the abundant side trails which have some nice hills, some challenging hills and rocks and good views.

Ed Schultze