Callahan State Park, Framingham

Directions: Take Edgell Rd to Grove Street from old Framingham Center (Cut through the old meeting house parking lot, take a right out of it and then a left onto Grove.  That's the easiest way for me).  Follow Grove Street as it goes under I 90 and take a left at the stop signs onto Belknap Road.  Belknap is windy and narrow so be careful.  Take a right at another stop sign onto Millwood Street.   You'll see the State Park appear on your left behind the houses and the parking lot (which can get full on the weekends) on your left after the Public Golf Course entrance.

Trail Information: Callahan State Park is huge and runs into Marlborough up near the airport.  There are numerous trails that offer a wide variety of terrain and quality.  Some trails are well marked and in great condition while other trails (mainly used by mountain bikers) are rough and not well marked.  trails dart in the woods and out and offer excellent scenery, especially in the fall.  Beware of dog walkers, they often keep their dogs unleashed and can usually be found near the entrance or at the pond less than half a mile from the entrance.