Yatesville Lake Cherokee Trail, Blaine/Louisa

Directions: Take Rt. 32 to Blaine, turn right onto 201 heading toward Webbville.  Approximately 2.5 miles from getting onto 201, the trail begins at Cherokee Section of Yatesville Lake wildlife area.  Road begins at first right after bridge.

Trail Information: The first section of the trail follows a gravel road, which stretches 2.5 miles, going over a small bridge at the 2 mile mark, and going right after the bridge.  At 2.5 miles, the trail begins in earnest, stretching for another 2.5 miles roughly following the shoreline of Yatesville lake.  Both the road and trail are seldom used, but both are well maintained by the Kentucky state DFWR.

Miscellaneous Information: This trail is moderate, well maintained, and gives you the choice of running any distance up to 10 miles.  There are also numerous forest service roads that depart the main trail for the more adventurous.

Jason Hutchinson