Jenny Wiley Dewey Lake Dam Trail, Prestonsburg

Directions: Follow signs Jenny Wiley Park/Dewey lake dam.  Trailhead begins next to dam on north side of dam. 

Trail Information: This trail is basically brand new and advertised for horseback enthusiasts, however, as many times as I have run on it I have never seen anyone, on horse or off!  The first few miles are moderate inclines and declines.  Around 2.5 miles in, the trail drops off sharply and begins a series of ups and downs for the next several miles.  The change in elevation is rewarded by fantastic views of the lake, and natural habitat.  The first time I ran this trail I was amazed at the beauty of it, and it is what keeps me coming back.  As of now the trail stretches some 10-12 miles back, however, plans are for the trail to stretch around the entirety of Dewey Lake, making it into a 54 mile system that would connect with highway 302. 

Miscellaneous Information: Having read the short clip on the other trails (of which I am familiar with) at Jenny Wiley, I would have to say that this one is by far the better choice. 

Jason Hutchinson