Wyandotte County Lake Park, Kansas City

Directions:: From I-435 (West side of KC Metro), take the Leavenworth Rd exit.  Head east, then take a left at N 91st St (you will see a sign); take a left at West Drive when entering the park.  It's the first big parking lot on the left.  Park at the far end of the lot by the trees.

Trail Information:: The trail starts behind the parking lot.  It's a bridle trail, with single-track sections added by the Kansas City Trail Nerds.  In some areas you have to cross pavement and find it again; look for orange or pink tape markers.  There is a total of 10.35 miles of trails around the lake.  This is an extremely hilly trail (for Kansas).  Only horses and pedestrians are allowed on the trails.  More information: http://www.psychowyco.com/id6.html

Miscellaneous Information:: This is a beautiful park with a decently-sized lake, tall trees, and lots of wildlife.  The rangers are friendly and helpful, but please don't drive over 20 MPH in the park, or you'll be ticketed.
Kansas City Trail Nerds' web sites: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/kctrailrunning/

Ben Holmes