River Walk Trail, Junction City and Ft. Riley

Trail Conditions : 5-6 miles (10-12 round trip)  Multi-use crushed gravel trail.  Flat, no hill, very easy  through the woods along the Republican River to Milford Lake Dam

Directions:  to the Ft. Riley Trailhead-       From Junction City- I-70, the Washington St./Business 40 hwy Exit.
Stay on Washington, you will drive all the way through Junction City, continue on Washington and onto Fort Riley.  The trailhead will be on your left about one mile after entering Fort Riley.  Plenty of parking. 

Miscellaneous: Nice scenery, usually see a lot of wildlife on this trail too.  Open to bikes and horses.  If you run this during the summer, run over the dam and there is a beach on the other side, may want to cool off before heading back.  No water.