Manhattan Linear Trail, Manhattan

The Manhattan Linear Trail provides several trailheads located within the city limits of Manhattan. Distance of  15-18 miles

Trail Conditions: Combination of abandoned railroad, levee, and crushed gravel trails.  All flat crushed gravel. Difficulty- low end of the difficulty scale.    Scenery- combination of urban and country (keeps you interested).

Trailheads: A number of trailheads-
    Ft. Riley blvd & 4th St. (turn south on 4th trail will be to your left)
    Ft. Riley blvd & Manhattan Ave (turn south on Manhattan Ave, plenty of parking at Griffith Park, trail south of the ball fields)
    Ft. Riley blvd & Richards Dr (turn north of Richards, trail behind Clarion Inn)
    Anderson Ave & Wreath (next to the Fire Station)
    24 Hwy & Levee Dr  (Parking across from Levee Dr)
    Casement Rd & Hayes Dr

To run or bike completely around Manhattan, you can start anywhere, but once you reach either Casement and Hayes or Anderson and Wreath you can follow these directions to make it a round trip and hit a couple of smaller trails in the process

Directions: From the Anderson & Wreath trailhead- continue west on Anderson to Hudson St. (you can either turn north on Hudson or continue west on Anderson to Anneberg Park. Anneberg Park has 1.7mile loop) stay on Hudson St. (enjoy the hill) until reach Kimball Ave. at the intersection of Hudson and Kimball, look across Kimball and you will see a trailhead for Hudson trail, run Hudson trail until it ends, you will pop out on Churchill St, with a school to your right, continue on Churchill and take a right on Candlewood Dr. Run Candlewood to the bottom of the hill, as you pass the last set of apartments, look to your left and you will see an extra wide side walk. Turn left and follow the extrawide side walk.  This will run through a new housing development to a school and end up on Browning Ave. Turn right on Browning and run up to the intersection of Kimball Ave.  Turn Left on Kimball and run all the way to Tuttle Creek Blvd. (you will run past KSU Stadium, the sidewalk will end and running or biking can be a little difficult based on what time of day it is.  Once you reach Tuttle Creek Blvd., work your way to the left side of the road and continue until you hit casement.  Turn left on casement and you'll run right into the trailhead at Casement and Hayes. This will take you completely around the city of Manhattan, close to 18-20 with Anneberg Park added in the loop.   A number of water stops are available.

The Sunset Zoo Loop-  You run up to the Sunset Zoo by accessing a more difficult trail off the linear trail, I'll give directions for this excursion from the Clarion Inn trailhead.  From the Clarion Inn trailhead run north, you will pass over a creek (wildcat creek) and up a small incline, when you reach the top, you will come to a steel bridge, don't cross the bridge, turn around and you will see a trailhead. From that trailhead, take a hard left and you will see a single track dirt trail running into the woods, simply follow this trail and it will run you up to the Sunset Zoo- the chimp house is right next to the trail the trail pops out under the water tower.  Oh yea, its rocky, muddy, and all up hill, enjoy.

Updates in Bold provided by Andrew Williams