Konza Prairie Trail, Manhattan

Near Manhattan, KS-  5-7 Miles southwest on McDowell Creek Rd

Trail Conditions: Single track- varied surfaces from rocks to sand.   Offers some challenges, fairly hilly, open prairie and woodlands, a ton of wild turkey and deer.This is a good trail, well maintained, and well marked and can offer challenges to beginners and advanced trail runners.

Miscellaneous: No bikes.  Can be ran all year round.  Best time to see the wildlife is early in the morning.  No fees.  No water.

Directions: If you are coming to Manhattan off of I-70 at the 313 exit.  Continue to Manhattan on 177 hwy, before you cross the Kansas River, take a left on McDowell Creek Rd.  Stay on McDowell Creek for 5-7 Miles (I haven't really
paid attention to the distance out there) or until you see a sign on your left the says Konza Prairie. Turn left and follow it to the parking area. History of the area and trail maps are available there.