Moraine Hills State Park, McHenry

Directions: When in McHenry (5 min. south of WI), take River Rd. next to the Fox River south until you see it on the left.  The dam is on the right, with a small trail leading to the park on the left.

Trail Information: Hilly, gorgeous 3.7 and 3.2 loops consisting of packed pine needles, wood and such.  The 3.7 loops around a lake in the middle.  Open in winter also.  Available for cross-country skiing and mountain biking, but many runners are on the path.

Miscellaneous: The spring is the worst time, because it is actually dangerous with the ice melting and the trail withering.  What makes it dangerous then makes it beautiful and challenging the rest of the year.  What a wonderful little run if you are in the area or are following the Fox River.  Close to Volo Bog.

Joy Dvoratchek