Pine Mountain Trail @ F.D.R State Park, Pine Mountain

Directions: Near Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain. From Hwy. 27 turn east onto HWY. 354 you will go through and be near one of the many trail heads available. Another way to the park is if in the Warm Springs, GA area travel south bound on Alt. Hwy. 85 going past The Little White House. Aprox. 2 miles ahead will be another trail head called The TV Tower parking area, (Note: This parking area is one of GPTV's broadcasting and transmitting area's, also this part of the trail is technically considered the "end" of 23 miles of trails available).

Trail Information: This trail officially starts at the intersection of Hwy. 27 and Hwy. 190 at the Callaway Country store and ends at the GPTV TV Tower off of Alt. Hwy. 85 near the intersection of Hwy. 190. This trail consist of 23+ (nearly 40 or so total) miles of trail when adding all the "extra" loops. There are a total of 12 entrances onto the trail within the park. This trail is very fun, technical and challenging. The trail has mostly up hills and a few good down hills and also has some fun straight runs.

Miscellaneous Information: F.D.R park where this trail is located, it is the largest State Park in Georgia with right at 10,000 acres and many activities available in the area. The trail is supported and maintained by a local group called The Pine Mountain Trail Association, check them out at This trail also facilitates several trail runs throughout the year, the biggest one being put on by The North Face.

Joe McClendon