Gainesville College, Gainesville

Directions:  Take exit 12 off of 985. Turn left on Mundy Mill Rd. Turn right into college at second entrance road. Park in lots past the gym and pool (first building on the left). Trail starts at far end of lot.

Trail Information:  The entire loop is 3.5 miles. You can take shorter routes at various points. Follow arrows for trail. You will come to a road (Tumbling Creek) after the first section. Turn left, then enter the trail again going up the big hill. When you get to another open area, bear right back into the woods. At the next opening bear right and cross the bridge, turning left. Re-enter the trail to the right up the hill.

Miscellaneous Information:  This is a great easy trail when you're not up for something strenuous. It can be combined with the college fitness trail (1.5 miles) for a longer run.

Norma Rainwater