Dawson Forest Trails, Dawsonville

Directions:  From Atlanta: North On Hwy 400. Turn left on Dawson Forest Rd at the North Georgia Premium Outlets. Drive straight to Dawson Forest about 7 miles. Once you pass the entrance gate take first left to trail head.

Trail Information:  There are three very clearly marked trails. The red trail is 6.7 mile loop. The yellow trail is 6.9 miles long and is a tough run. The blue trail is 13.7 miles long. It is a great loop with no back tracking. You must ford two bodies of water on this trail. Shoal creek is forded in about two feet of water and 30 feet wide. The bottom is flat and rocky. The Etowah river must also be forded. The ford is about three and a half feet deep and 40 to 45 feet across. All three trails utilize single track trails and forest service roads. I really love these trails. They are very hilly tough runs with rocks, roots, limbs, and horse manure! 

Miscellaneous Information: Hunting! The Dawson Forest Management Area is open to Horses and Bikes on the three trails mentioned. I have run here 40+ times and have never had one problem! During Hunting Season the trails are closed to horses and bikes, but foot traffic is still welcome. I find that on Saturdays (during deer season) and opening days of both bow season and gun season the woods are full of hunters, but any other time I'm almost alone in the woods.

 James N. Powell