Berry College Trails, Rome

Directions: US 27 North from Rome to Berry College.  Proceed to the Mountain Campus and park at Frost Chapel.  Take the House of Dreams fireroad up to the HoD Trail.  Many other excellent trails are located along this route and are well marked.

Trail Information: 28,000 acres of fireroads and singletrack trails.  Berry College is the largest campus in the world with most of its land being a wildlife management area.  Trails are known by such names as the HoD or Ridge Trail, The Chute, The Post, Longleaf Trail, Collarbone, waterworks and more.  Most are technical but short.  Miles and miles of remote fireroads make this an excellent place to run.  You may see an occasional mountain biker or hiker, but most of the time you have the place to yourself.

Miscellaneous Information: Beautiful campus with a variety of architecture and the nation's largest working waterwheel.  Many running opportunities are also on the main campus as the largest high school cross country meet in Georgia is held here along with college XC meets.

Darrell Lee