Green Trails, Vero Beach

Directions: Located in the Southern woods south of Hammock Lakes. Hammock Lakes is located off 1st street Southwest, an 55th.
In order to get to these trail one must park in the vacant field across from hammock lakes, and begin running from there.

Trail Information: The Green Trails were created by Jeff Green a long time Vero distance runner. The trails can fit one to at the most two people, side by side. This is a 3/4 of a mile loop of non-stop twist and turns, with over 1/2 mile shaded, this trail has great character and Local greats such as Austin Wade, an Matt Salis may be seen here running.

Miscellaneous Information: This is one of the favorite runs for members of the number one ranked team in the region Vero Beach High School Cross country boys team.

Austin Pinner