Case Mountain/Shenipsit Trail, Hartford

Directions: Take I-84 east to 384 east.  Get off at the exit for Willis Street in Manchester.  Take a right off the exit and follow road. Take caution as road bends left and goes down hill, only 1 car at a time over the bridge.   Parking at bottom.

Trail Information: Great, great place to run.  There are numerous trails just around the Case Mountain area itself, yet Case Mountain is just the beginning of the adventure.  Best way to get to the top is to take the main carriage trail, then right on pink.  After about a mile you rejoin the carriage trail.  Take your next two rights and look for the blue dots.  This is the Shenipsit trail and goes all the way to Gay City State Park, about 50 minutes away if you're running fast.   Many, many more trails around this area, really need to just explore or find someone who knows the area. You can go as far as you want, whether it be a 15 or 16 out and back on the blue dot or a 10 mile loop from Case, around Buckingham Reservoir and back up. There are definitely some killer hills and rocky sections but thats what its all about anyway.  Nice views from top.  Also can be connected to the Buckingham Reservoir area and Gay City State Park.  Its one huge playground. And yes, this is also a mountain biking mecca, which conveniently keeps the leaves off the trails.  Also accessible from Camp Merrywood (near golf course) and various places on Birch Mountain Road.

Miscellaneous Information: For more info on mileage and trail descriptions check out the Connecticut Walk Book and look under Shenipsit Trail. 

Nick AuYeung