Devil's Canyon Trail Run, Fruita

Directions:: Take I-70 to exit 19, Fruita, Co. Exit south onto Colo. hwy 340 and head east on Co. 340 for approx 1.5 miles. Turn right at Kingsview Street( you will be across from Rim Rock Adventures) Follow asphalt west 1 mile until road becomes gravel.You will see signs "Horsethief Canyons area". Stay left. In approx 1 mile the gravel road forms a "Y" . take the left fork, you can see the trailhead from here. Larger sign say's "Welcome to Horsethief Canyonlands area" . smaller sign   says " Devil's Canyon"...directs you to left and trail head. 

Trail Information:: B.L.M. public lands....wide variety of trails available...Trail sign on large poster map...Take-a-long maps in sign in box. For an easy flat 4 mile run take trail D-4 back to D-1 and you will run on the canyon floor and look up at the canyon walls.

For a 7 mile run ON the rim looking down into the canyons take D-1 to D-5 up the rim. At the high point up will drop over the saddle and then SWITCHBACK over the summit. Rock cairns mark the trail. Take D-5 and connect to D-1 back to the trailhead.

For a scenic 7.5 loop run to an Old Cow Camp cabin ( sligthty more difficult )take D-1 to D-4 until you connect with D-3 ( a loop to the old cabin) D-3 can be followed down the stream bed back to the D-1 and trailhead.

Miscellaneous Information:: GORGEOUS Red sandstone cliffs and rock formations..take a'll want pix !

No Water available...TAKE YOUR OWN !! Porta-potty at trailhead only facility !

Best times are spring, fall, and summer it's very doable providing you start early and finish by 8 to 9 AM.

Carl Tenpas