Castlewood Canyon, Castle Rock and Franktown

Directions:  From rt 86 travel east to the entrance south to the first parking lot on the left. trailhead is 100 ft away. From 83 south of parker go right at the Franktown stop light. Travel west on 86 look for the sign to Castlewood Canyon on the left then same directions as above.

Trail Information:   mimics mountain running. elevation gains of only 300 ft but plenty of rises and declines. great views. the south entrance to the park that meets up with the trails will be loaded up with family hikers on summer Saturdays and Sundays and in the autumn as well. rattlesnakes frequent the trails near sunset during the warm months. Just keep an eye out for them. I trained here last summer for Leadville and I found it to be awesome. I even did night runs although the park officially closes at sunset. trails have different names and are approximately 6 miles total. connecting at different junctions can lengthen the distance without feeling repetitious.

Miscellaneous Information:  have fun. On weekends try to run early like at sunrise before the hikers arrive is mass. park at the north end away from the popular ( and entrance fee ) south end. during the week anytime is o.k. to run the trail. If you have guilt about getting in without paying there is a slot you can slip your money into at the north entrance. park at the first parking lot on the left. follow the trail to the homestead building and look at the trail map. When you are about a 1/2 mile into your run you will be transformed into thinking your trailrunning a real mountain trail. If you are not then too bad for you.  Enjoy !!

 Mark Phannenstiel