Titus Canyon (Death Valley), Beatty, Nevada

Directions: Best to stay at Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley. Have a 'good' friend drive you to the Titus Canyon turnoff (30 miles from Furnace Creek). It's on the way to Beatty and is clearly marked. The driver can drop you off (with more water than you have ever carried in your life) or they can drive ahead and dispense refreshments during the run. Be advised there is no place to turn around and AAA will not come to the aid of a stranded vehicle. However, on my run I was passed by several light trucks, SUVs, and cars including a Honda Accord...

Trail Information:  If unaided, wear a camel back and carry at least two large water bottles. There is NO WATER other than what you carry in. The entire trail is a 26 mile ONE-WAY jeep road (currently in great condition). The first 8 miles of the dirt road are deceivingly uphill and if you can sucker... I mean convince the driver to take you to the top of the first pass you'll be forever grateful. The view from this ridge is spectacular. From this ridge the jeep trail travels 15 miles downhill (except for one little 1000 foot bump) and opens into Death Valley. During the run you will pass through narrows barely wider than one truck width. The total descent during the run is 5400 feet. Remember that this run ends at the canyon's mouth in Death Valley. The run is physically easy, but if you have had bad experiences with heat or dehydration DO NOT ATTEMPT this run unaided! No call boxes, no cell phones, and the beasties that bite can kill you before anyone even realizes you're in trouble. If rain is forecast for anywhere in Death Valley DO NOT ATTEMPT this run unless you're a great fastwater swimmer too!

Miscellaneous Information: The best times to visit Death Valley are in the Winter and early Spring. The rest of the time it's just too damn hot - 120+. Furnace Creek Resort is pricey but has restaurants, a Saloon ($9 pitchers), a general store ($7 6-packs), a golf course, and a pool. There is plenty to amuse kids and adults alike... so it's a nice way to repay friends and family members who do not share our love of this sport.