Summit Lake Trail (Virginia Lakes), Bridgeport

Directions:  Highway 395 South from Reno/Garnerville/Carson City/ to Conway Summit, turn off for Virginia Lakes.

Highway 395 North from Mammoth Lakes/Lee Vining/Mono Lake to Conway Summit, turn off for Virginia Lakes.

Trail Information:  Rocky alpine trail starting at 9760'elevation, Virginia Lakes roadend, goes thru the Hoover Wilderness area passing Frog and Blue Lake(s) steadily climbing for 3 1/2 miles to about 11,000' then dropping down the pass to a junction with the Green Lake trail.  From here you have many choices of continuing on the Summit Lake Trail to meet the PCT in 4 1/2 miles and entering Yosemite National Park, or, making a loop via Virginia Pass thru Glines Canyon, around Green Lakes, East Lakes and Hoover Lakes.  Approximate mileage for this loop is 15 miles using the Matterhorn Peak 15min. Topo Map.

Miscellaneous Information:  Wonderful views of Gabbro, Dundergberg, Virginia and Stanton Peaks bounded by the Sawtooth Range and Matterhorn Peak to the North all in the Northern Boundary of Yosemite! 

Great burgers in the little town of Walker or Hays Station in Bridgeport.

Leslie Vitale