Purissima Creek Trail, Half Moon Bay

Directions:: take higgins-purissima road off highway 1 just south of its junction with 92 in half moon bay. follow narrow road uphill to trailhead. careful, it's narrow with blind corners.

Trail Information:: gorgeous redwood forest. trail is beautiful compact dirt with redwood duff and leaves. follows purissima creek through old-growth and second growth redwoods, doug firs, ferns, tanoaks, madrones and many other plants and wildflowers. trail goes through dense forests and open chaparral/coast scrub areas. purissima creek trail heads east 4 miles up to skyline. excellent 8 mile out-and-back. i like running west to east in this preserve, because i get the 4-mile ascent done first, then fly back down from skyline to the trailhead. can be combined with many other trails in this 2633-acre preserve. there are 20 miles of trails available, some very steep. all very well maintained and well signed. if you like hills, you'll love purissima.

Miscellaneous Information:: dress in layers as the fog drip can be heavy. when it's clear, the views of the ocean are breathtaking. this is an open space preserve, which means it's wilderness. no facilities. bring water or filter for creek. open chaparral areas can get warm in summer. great restaurants/shops in half moon bay. and of course, there's always the beaches.