Ohlone Wilderness Trail, Fremont Stanford Staging Area

Directions:   880 to Mission Blv. exit follow 2 miles to Stanford av.

Trail Information:  The Ohlone Wilderness trail starts in Fremont and goes 28 or 31 miles depending on your route.  You need to get a permit through East bay regional pars department. You can buy one in Sunol.  It is a map of the entire trail. The Ohlone trail is tough, but fun.  The highest point is Rose Peak 3,600. Somewhere around there.  It is only 32 feet lower then Mt. Diablo.

Miscellaneous Information:  You must carry plenty of water.  There is no potable water once you leave Sunol it's 20 miles to Del Valle from that point.  It is very remote. If your an ultrarunner you run it in 7-9 hours and thats with stopping and taking picture. If you want a Challenge you can run a double. Out and back 62 I did it.  just make sure you run it in the Spring when the weather is nice.  Not in the winter like I did.

Catra Corbett