Holy Jim Canyon, Mission Viejo (Orange County)

Directions:  Take El Toro east exit from I-5 Turn right at Cook's Corner (famous biker hangout) Continue approx 4 miles until you cross an old concrete bridge. Turn left immediately after the bridge (uh-huh that's the road) Continue on the dirt road for 5 miles (Do not attempt this in a low rider) The road opens into a fairly large parking area.  (Forest Adventure Pass required) There are two narrow dirt roads continuing from the parking lot.  You will begin your run on the left hand road.

Trail Information:   The trail head is located about a mile from the parking area.  The trail is a cleared single track of moderate difficulty depending on the amount of recent rainfall.  In the first two miles there are several short spurs to the right.  Always take the left hand option. When the trail emerges from the canyon it switchbacks for another five miles until it reaches a narrow dirt road (The Main Divide). 
To continue to the top of Saddle Back Mountain turn left and follow the road to the micro-wave towers.  On a clear day you can see from downtown Los Angeles to San Diego.  Return via the same route...  Keep a sharp lookout for the trail head down.  Approx 20 miles RT. Numerous other options are available along the Main Divide Road but inadvisable if you are not familiar with the area.  Don't solo these trails!

Miscellaneous Information:  This trail is a part of the SaddleBack Mountain Trail Marathon and the San Juan Trail fifty Mile race. Availability and quality of water is unpredictable...  Four large bottles are recommended. There are NO services available once you leave the asphalt road...  But a Beer and Burger at Cook's Corner afterwards is an experience in itself.