Woodchute Trail, Prescott - Jerome

Directions:  Take 89A between Prescott and Jerome to the top of the mountain. You will see signs directing you to the trail on one side of the highway and a recreation area on the other.
Follow signs to parking lot. You can either park anke the 1/2 mile to the trailhead, or possibly drive to the trail head. Gate is not locked and we saw other vehicles at trailhead. 4x4 recommended - muddy.

Trail Information:  Trail is narrow but well defined. Fairly flat with ups and downs. Final mile is very flat through a large oak and pine prairie. It is 2.75 miles to top of mountain viewpoint - very pretty (just after prairie). We received advice in Jerome at the local hiking shop not to hike the 3.5 miles down the mountain as the trip back up is "brutal". Something about a massive drop in elevation.... trail also thins a bit after the view.

Miscellaneous Information: Enjoyed the trail. Weather was wonderful in early August. Clouds came in at 1 pm to cool things down a bit. Hiking shop recommended we be off the mountain by 4pm because of lightning at this time of year. They were right on the nose. If you plan on staying overnight - stay in Prescott. Jerome is literally a ghost-town after sunset!

Josh Parry