Soldiers Trail, Flagstaff

Directions:: Take the Pulliam Airport exit off of I-17, three miles south of Flagstaff and go to the Coconino County Fairgrounds (really obvious).

Trail Information:: This is an easy trail for the traveler to find.   When you go into the fairgrounds, just follow the signs to the "Trail Head".  You will start running down the Urban Trail and look for the trail cut off to the left (marked).  From here just follow your nose.  The trail is a combo of single track and double track.  Multi-use, but closed to motorized travel.   For a little variety, take the "Bridge Trail" cut off which is marked by a sign saying "difficult".  If you loop around taking the Bridge Trail like a "bow", you can get seven miles out of it, otherwise this is just over a five mile run (even though the trail sign says six miles).

Miscellaneous Information:: Camping also available at the fairground.

R. Cadigan