Puerto Blanco [white pass], Batopilas, Chihuahua, MÉXICO

Directions: From Denver or points in between on interstate 25, take cheap and fast Mexican bus line [or drive] to El Paso. From El Paso travel 9 hours southwest to mountain town of Creel.  From Creel, travel on local bus [or drive] 5 hours to the deep canyon town of Batopilas. In Batopilas, ask somebody where the trail leaves for puerto blanco.

Trail Information: This is about 6 or 7 miles up and out of Batopilas canyon, into la sierra [the mountains].  From Puero Blanco, there is a view of both the Urique river canyon and the Batopilas canyon. This is the fastest departure out of the 6,000 foot deep Batopilas canyon. This trail begins another route on the canyon to canyon trek [run] between the deep canyon towns of Batopilas and Urique.

Miscellaneous Information: BEAUTIFUL! I guide this and other routes. If you would like an experienced trail companion [guide] to show you around, then I would be happy to do so.  www.coppercanyonrunner.com    --www.caballoblanco.com

Micah True [Caballo Blanco]